Jack explained: I thought I'd explain the reason there's a color version. It occurred to me that The Origin of Everything, being so intellectual, might go down well in the Radio Times. Well, all right, maybe 'intellectual' isn't the right word. 'Wordy'. Yes, that's the right word. It seemed to me, though, that there weren't enough strips in the portfolio that were based on TV titles. So I drew another one especially. Since almost all their cartoons are in color, I thought I'd better color it. However, the spirit-based markers I use tend to make the ink run, so I photocopy the original then color the copy. And that's the reason there's a color version. I received a reply from the Radio Times, dated January 1998, that said: 'The Origin of Everything' cartoons are great fun but I'm afraid we simply don't have room to run a strip in Radio Times. You've probably noticed how small Kipper Williams's weekly contribution is!' Even smaller now - it no longer appears!
The astute amongst you may notice that I tried something a little different with the next "Origin" in yet another attempt to try and speed up my working methods.