Puzzle magazines Jack was always a fan of puzzles, and had been known to e-mail them to his chums. He wrote: The reclusive Bob Paynter, for years in charge of IPC juvenile publications - and the person who came up with the name "Cliff Hanger" - has more recently been working at Highbury Nexus Puzzle Magazines. Earlier this year (2002), he contacted me to ask me to do a cover for a projected Kids' mag, and here is the result. The only thing I did was the cover, but Bob tells me they've been reprinting my puzzle-orientated strips (like Cliff Hanger) for years! Naturally, I don't get paid again. IPC would only publish work if they were given the copyright. Many starving artists saw their work continually reprinted without a repeat fee being paid! I don't know how "Quick Thinking" was distributed (see the bottom line on the cover) but, who knows, it might lead to more!