The Fresco-Le-Raye strip On the subject of Fresco-Le-Raye and the proposed regular strip, Jack wrote: In 1996, I drew some samples for a proposed Fresco newspaper strip. Back in the Disc/Record Mirror days, I resisted suggestions to re-name the JEO strip "Fresco-Le-Raye", making him the lead character. I thought it might limit the subject matter of the strips too much. By the way, did you know that, after Fresco's full page cover appearance in Disc, I heard proposals for a pop single featuring said dinosaur. It would have been an interesting concept, since, as you know, Fresco doesn't speak! Shame, like so many things, it came to naught! Anyway, going back to 1996, I thought that the time had come for FLR to be given a starring role. Fresco's undeniable popularity in the 70s would, I thought, show that the strip would have a good chance of success. No-one wanted to buy it, though. Above is the opening episode (and the archives follow). The ink has smudged a little over the past seven years, unfortunately!
The weekly Fresco strip got a large number of subscribers. At one point, there was a competition to complete a word balloon. This is the winner.