May 2003 I thought you might like to see the first episode of my new monthly cartoon strip. I'm actually getting PAID for it! It's called "Col. Hector“ and, although the strip is mine, the title certainly isn't, being below even my own appallingly-low standards! Mind you, I'm the person who came up with "Toppo D. Popps"... and you'll never believe what E. C. Ryder was originally going to be called! But I digress. My cousin, Steve Oliver, commissioned me to produce the strip for his Phil Stamp web site, to appear on the first Saturday of each month. June 2003 Apart, of course, from nude female marmite wrestling, I'm not interested in any sport. However, in a futile attempt to impress a woman I almost met, I came up with this extended series of two episodes. Naturally, if you haven't already done so, you should spell the title backwards.