A J Edward Oliver biography Jack (not an abbreviation for “John”) was born in Dartford, Kent on 19 June 1942. From his earliest days he was interested in cartoon strips, and was drawing his own comic books by the age of 8. Jack went to Dartford Grammar School, then left to work in the GLC Vehicle Licensing Department for eight years, still producing comics. The turning point was the first issue of Instant Garbage, followed by the first Toppo D Popps. This got Jack his first major exposure drawing for Disc (and Music Echo), starting a hugely popular and long-running strip. The paper later became Record Mirror, and the strip expanded in size to a full page. In addition, Jack took on other duties, writing letters and stories and producing graphics for other purposes and other strips. At times he was censored and even went on strike. The strip was cancelled when it was deemed not appropriate for the incoming punk culture, the readership the paper was aiming itself at now. When it finished, in 1977, JEO went to work for IPC Juvenile Publications, doing many strips including the famous Cliff Hanger in Buster and the Champ. Jack sometimes used the name Sue Denim. JEO's strips regularly appeared in Buster, Whizzer and Chips, Whoopee, but, by the late 1990s, these comics too had closed. Jack wrote the lyrics and did the publicity material for a musical called Swan Esther that was produced at London's Young Vic theatre. The soundtrack album was published and is available on vinyl and cd. This website appeared in 2000. In 2001, Jack's work appeared in the autobiography of Bob Harris, UK disc jockey and presenter. Included was JEO's version of The Old Grey Whistle Test (episode 144). In 2002, J Edward Oliver hit 60 and was still drawing new material, including: Russell the Mussel Wimoweh Greetings Cards a regularly e-mailed new strip for Fresco-Le-Raye Invisible Man strips In 2007, Jack was diagnosed with cancer. He married his long-time girlfriend Liz in March 2007 and died in May 2007. In 2010, a plaque was unveiled in Jack's honour at his house in Dartford. 2027 marks the 205h anniversary of his death and the 505h anniversary of the end of the Record Mirror strip.