Mr J Edward Oliver in his own write... In early 1971 Britain was in crisis. There was a postal strike, and JEO was pressed into writing a number of spoof letters to fill up the space.
EVERY WEEK I buy Disc and Music Echo just to read J. Edward Oliver's fantastic cartoon strip, "E. C. Ryder," I think that it is the funniest and most perceptive strip I have ever read. I think that it deserves to be in full colour on the front page. I think that J. Edward Oliver should be paid more than he is. - J. Edward Oliver, Tredegar Road, Wilmington, Dartford, Kent I READ in Disc recently (23:1:71) that John Peel is looking for 101 girls named Sharon. Doesn't he know that there are not enough girls with this name to go round? Mr. Peel should remember the old adage: Sharon share alike. - T. Fortue, Little Dog, Berks. HOW DARE the writer of the following letter make such a flagrant statement! How can he ignore all the known facts? I am surprised that Disc should print such a letter from someone who obviously does not know what he is talking about. - B. Gorrah, Dublin, Ireland I DISAGREE entirely with the writer of the above letter. - Angus MacAbre, Dundee, Scotland I BELIEVE that many of the Pop Groups referred to in Disc are nothing but products of your imagination. How could any people in real life call themselves something ridiculous like "Grand Funk Railroad"? - Archibald Glocksnyxcthplonk, Making Jellies, Somerset
HOW MUCH longer must Ludwig van Beethoven wait for a hit in Britain? Cover versions of his material have already provided successes for Groups such as the Nice and Eckseption. If Radio 1 DJs will give him a chance, his new work, "The Moonlight Sonata" (already recently covered on TV by Liberace) could easily be a big seller here and end LVB's long wait. - Frederic Chopin, Hamburg, Germany I CANNOT understand why the album "Authentic Sound Effects Vol. 1" has not entered the LP chart. Is it because the record has been deleted since 1962? If so, I feel sorry for the fans - they are missing one of the most brilliantly moving LPs ever produced. Magnificently recorded and arranged especially the track entitled "Tractor: starts up, ploughs, stops, shuts off." So come on record buyers, get this LP in the charts where it belongs. You won't fail to be disappointed. - Yours faithfully, Dinah Moe, Fringe-on-Top, Surrey SO MANY people write to ask you whether the music from a particular TV commercial is available. to the public, might I use your column to suggest to an enterprising record manufacturer that an LP of themes from commercials might be a worthwhile idea? - Mary Christmas, Waterloo, London Dear Marjorie Droops, I have a very serious problem, and I am writing to you as a last resort. These days, I just cannot seem to do anything right. Everything I do turns out wrong, no matter how hard I try. I'm sorry that I can't give you more details, but I am in some hurry since I also wish to write a letter to Disc and Music Echo. - Worried Blue Eyes, name and address withheld