The Mickey Most strip censorship issue We asked JEO, do you remember what the strip said originally? What was so bad about it? No, sadly not, he replied, it is lost forever, but then: I said that, unfortunately, this was lost for all time because I'd replaced the censored word balloons by cutting them out from the artwork, which I then glued to a new sheet, thus providing me with a complete set of blank balloons ready for lettering with replacement old jokes. Indeed, this became my standard procedure whenever lettering needed to be replaced. So imagine my surprise when I held the Frankenstein artwork up to the light and discovered that I had actually glued the replacement balloons on top of the censored ones. If I held the half-page up to a strong light, I could just about make out the original lettering from the back of the sheet (though back-to-front, of course). Thus encouraged, I returned to the hellish heat of my loft and finally found the lower half of the page. This was rather more difficult to decipher because I had gummed the panels with the two layers of balloons to a new sheet, which meant that the light had to shine through three lots of paper. Eventually, I carefully peeled off the bottom layer, trying not to deface it so that it could be subsequently re-glued, which I have subsequently done (subsequently). And there you have it. I had thought that the original script was lost for all eternity. And now I have a copy. It’s hard to read, but if you click on it and then expand it, it is quite clear. The white bits are the original text.