Fresco’s fan club To many people, Fresco-Le-Raye was the real star though he was not an original character in the strip. The story would stop for many weeks for Fresco specials. Fresco featured on the front cover at least once, and had some chapters of his novel printed in the paper. He also had several alternate personalities. In fact, he was so popular that a fan club was set up for him. For a large stamped addressed envelope you could join the Fresco-Le- Raye fan club. Over 4 000 people did. As well as getting a sticker you would also get a newsletter, a certificate  and a badge. Everyone had the same membership number. There was a secret code (openly published in the paper, of course) between Fresco and his fans and readers. The fan club closed when the strip was discontinued. On 10th March 2022, Fresco celebrated his 2 000 050th birthday.